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Hobart Dough Mixer 80 qt 80 Quart Bakery Dough Mixer

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Model: M802
Serial number: 11-299-3322
H.P. Motor: 3
Volts: 200
P.H: 3
Hertz: 60 Hz
AMPS: 10.5
RPM: 1725
Net weight: 1136 lbs
Dimensions: 63” H x 39” L x 26” W
Shipping weight: 1300lbs
Shipping dimensions: 80”H x 45” L x 40” W
■ 3 H.P. Hobart Designed Fixed Speed Motor
■ Gear-Driven Transmission
■ 15 Minute Timer
■ Four Fixed Speeds
■ Open Base
■ Large, Easy-To-Reach Controls
■ Power Bowl Lift
Stainless Steel Bowl Guard
15-Minute Electric Timer
Convenience, Ease of Use, Consistency
■ Supports recipe mixing times
■ Simplifies operation
■ Provides accurate results and eliminates
Four Fixed Speeds
Flexibility, Reliability, Consistency
■ For incorporating, blending, mixing ingredients
■ Supports consistent results and thorough
Gear Transmission
Durability, Reliability
■ Ensures consistent performance and minimum
downtime with positive drive under heavy loads