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Hobart Meat Grinder MG2032 Meat Butcher Grinder Cutter

Price: $7,745.00
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Meat grinder

Meat grinder

·        Model: MG2032

·        Serial number: 27-1113404

·        60Hz

·        Suffix: -1

·        HP: 8.5

·        ML: 134104

·        PH: 3

·        Volts: 208

·        AMP: 3.0

·        RPM: 1726

·        Overall dimensions: 49 7/8” H x 57” L x 25” W

·        Net weight: 580lbs (approx.)

·        Shipping dimensions: 60” H x 80” L x 40” W

·        Shipping weight:  680lbs (approx.)


This unit is compact in size but large in volume. The self-feeding design and thorough, but gentle, mixing action results in improved meat room productivity. The 200 pound hopper capacity and 55-60 pound per minute output through a 9⁄64″ plate allows you to display the range of clean-cut ground products your customers demand.


Benefits Through Innovative Design


■ Convenient load and discharge height. Load the hopper in the “power zone” and unload without the deep knee bends.

■ Exclusive WEDGE cylinder insures full rate feeding for the entire batch. No more waiting for the last few pounds to feed. Less agitation for cooler, cleaner cutting.

■ Separate mix and grind motors for no-slip performance.

■ Pneumatic foot control option for precise hands-free operation.

■ Comes with a 7.5 H.P. model for fresh or tempered products.

■ Side feed option for tandem grinding (right side only).

■ Crisp design for easy cleanup. Easy access to all hopper interior and exterior surfaces for full cleanup.

■ Double wall construction for added sanitation.

■ Seals are hand removable and interchangeable—no tools required.

■ Counterbalanced lid.

■ Double-sealed push button control panel with condensate heater.



Hobart 4346 Meat Grinder-Mixer 4346 SERIES

Hobart 4346 Meat Grinder-Mixer 4346 SERIES



   US $3,500.00

Hobart Meat ginder mixer

Hobart Meat ginder mixer

  • Compact self-feeding grinder which will mix and grind
  • Model: 4346
  • Serial Number: 27-014-935
  • ML: 17893
  • Volts: 230
  • Hertz: 60
  • RPM: 1723
  • HP: 7.5
  • AMPS: 20.0
  • PH: 3
  • TEMP: 40C Cont
  • Motor: Hobart designed and built, 71⁄2 HP, ventilated; flange mounted with grease packed ball bearings.
  • Electrical controls
  • Capacity: up to 215 pounds
  • Grinding rate:  55 to 60 pounds of fresh boneless beef per minute.
  • The arm can be removed from the hopper for cleaning without tools by removing the bearing retainer on the front of the hopper. The arm rotates at 29 RPM.
  • Safety: An electrical interlock switch is provided for operator safety. Whenever hopper guard is open, power to motor is cut off. The hopper guard must be closed before machine can be started.
  • Legs: Standard legs with casters (93⁄8″—123⁄8″) provide 223⁄4″ to 253⁄4″clearance between floor and lowest point on adjusting ring.
  • Finish:  Stainless steel hopper, tinned deflector and mixing arm; tinned cast iron cylinder, adjusting ring and worm; stainless steel hopper guard, motor shroud and rear panel.
  • Net weight: 580lbs
  • Shipping weight: 690lbs

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